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We could find a group to exchange for 2021

Thunder are gonna retire Lillards number at this rate. All respect to Westbrook but I am thrilled with OKC's future at this time. Pelicans v Thunder in the WCF in 2023, place Eomani Bates vs Zion, Cade Cunningham, and your calendars. SGA, Ingram, and Lonzo? I'm here for it. You guys will not be poor enough to get cade or emoni, your bits are simply too good. Probably true, it's a very long shot for sure. Only possibility is if we can find a team to trade for 2021 All Star Chris Paul, probably a team in a market which has office relations with him.

But I am not getting my hopes up. I'm so glad that shot happened so we don't have to be reminded of 0. 9 moments nowWhich is amusing because that has been a more significant shooter. If Dame missed, then that series extends straight back to Houston for game seven.

If he missed the shot against the Thunder, the Blazers visit OT with a whole lot of momentum because they had to overcome a 15-point shortage in the last six minutes of this match. Kings and Knicks are competing for dysfunctional organization of this decade.

That's one of those shots that even defy video game math. Why but I hadn't even really considered Dame for its pay but he's a great choice. He was about the cover NBA Live a few years ago but I have literally never met anybody to play the more recent variants of it. NBA Live 2005 was my shit back in the afternoon though!The older nba live dunk contests were the most entertaining part of almost any sports videogame I've ever played. This cover is clean as hell also, rather this than AD staring in my spirit.

Shame this franchise has been ass for like 6 years now. And it'll cost 160 bucks and be known as the immortal edition or some other bullshit. If they have any spine (up for debate), they will give some of the proceeds to his foundation. You're exaggerating with the 160 right? I haven't purchased 2k in a while, just how much is the most loaded version of the sport usually?Yeah it had been 100 final year.

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